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How to Book the Peg Leg Pub Band

Everything you need to know to book a live band

How much space does a live band need?

Ideally we need a space about 5 metres wide by 3 metres deep, however, in the past, we have squeezed into smaller spaces. If you need more precise guidance, please contact us. We can always come and take a look.

Can a live band play outdoors?

Yes, and we often do. For safety reasons, we need to be undercover (inside a gazebo, tent, covered stage or similar) Playing  music in the rain can be dangerous (although the fireworks can be spectacular).

What power supply do I need to provide for a live band?

Usually, access to a couple of 13A sockets will suffice, so long as they are within 25 metres of the area we are to play in. If necessary, we can be completely self contained, using batteries and inverter.

How loud are you?

We are a semi-acoustic band, which means that we only use amplification to balance the volumes of instruments and vocals. We then set the overall sound level to match the venue and the occasion. The right volume enables the music to be heard, and the audience to hold conversations without shouting.

How long does it take you to get ready?

We need about 90 minutes to get everything arranged and plugged in. We will then conduct a brief sound check by playing a song and making sure that vocals and instruments are all in balance.

Do I need to provide a Public Address System (PA)?

No, we will bring our own.

Can you adjust the set to cater for our particular needs?

Yes. Have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do. If we need to sing “Happy Birthday”, make space for a speech or surprise someone with their favourite song, we will do  everything we can to make the occasion a memorable one.

How much do you charge?

For a venue within 30 miles of Cambridge, £500 will buy you two 60 minute sets with a 30 minute break between. If we have to travel further, we may have to charge a bit more, likewise, if you would like us to play longer, or provide out own power supply.

For smaller venues and charity events we will offer a discount on this figure..

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