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By the Peg Leggers

In the Cambridge Area, we are twice blessed, with some great live music venues and great performers and musicians. I am a huge fan of live music, and here, I will share my experiences with you

The Peg Leg Pub Band

Let me tell you about the Peg Leg Pub Band, a group of scurvy-ridden pirates who've swapped the high seas for the high notes. Their music is like a barrel of rum - it might make you very sick, but it sure is a lot of fun! Their sound is a unique blend of blues, folk, classic rock and some country favorites , sung by a one-eyed pirate named John Clark whose voice is rougher than the ocean and just as salty.

But what really sets the Peg Leg Pub Band apart is their stage presence. They've got a drummer who looks like he's about to keel over from exhaustion, a guitarist who's missing three fingers, and a banjo player who's always a little too drunk to keep his balance. It's like watching a group of pirates try to perform Cirque du Soleil. They might not be the most polished musicians, but they sure know how to have a good time.

All in all, if you're looking for a night of music that's as raucous as a mutiny, as rowdy as a tavern brawl, and as entertaining as a ghost story, then you need to see the Peg Leg Pub Band. As they say in the pirate code, "A life without music is like a ship without a keel - it's liable to sink at any moment!"

Review by: R. Jim Ladd

Queen Bee Blues Band

I recently had the pleasure of attending a gig by the Queen Bee Blues Band, an established Blues Band with 10 years of experience, based in Cambridge. Known for their repertoire of Chicago Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Rock, Jazzy tunes, and even some Pop songs, this band delivered an unforgettable performance.

The energy emanating from the stage was simply phenomenal. The band members poured their hearts into their music, and it was evident that they genuinely enjoyed what they were doing. Leading the way was Bea, the main singer, whose incredible talent and stage presence left the audience in awe. Her energetic performance and ability to connect with the crowd were truly captivating. With a wide tonal range and an expressive, bluesy voice, she effortlessly conveyed the emotions of each song, whether it was a high-energy Blues Rock number or a soulful slow blues ballad.

Chris Smith, the seasoned Blues harp player, displayed his mastery of the instrument with a clear tone, intriguing skips, and remarkable Blues harp solos. The guitarist showcased exceptional versatility, seamlessly transitioning from comping and playing licks and riffs to delivering impressive solos across various musical styles. The bassist provided a solid foundation for the band, skillfully holding the rhythm together and delivering intricate, melodic bass lines. The drummer, on the other hand, brought a diverse array of beats, rhythms, and unexpected tricks, keeping the audience on their toes throughout the performance.

In conclusion, the Queen Bee Blues Band delivered a truly memorable gig. Their passion, talent, and tight musicality were evident in every note they played. Whether you're a fan of Blues, Rock, R&B, or Jazz, this band is sure to leave you thoroughly entertained and craving more. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows, as experiencing them live is an absolute must for any music lover.

Sid Sidhom

The Jukebox Doctors

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Jukebox Doctors Band, fronted by vocalist Richard Ashman, with Rob Taylor on guitar, John Trowsdale on bass, and Rob Watson on drums. The band impressively delivered a collection of groovy and catchy songs, resulting in a smooth and captivating performance.

While walking down the street, I overheard their music and couldn't resist the urge to step inside the pub. I ended up spending an enjoyable evening immersed in the fantastic sounds of this talented and groovy band.

Sid Sidhom

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