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The story so far

In the summer of 2022, a group of nine seasoned musicians met for a jam session at the Shed in the village of Lode, They meshed  well musically, got on well, on a personal level and discovered a shared a love of playing music that audiences love, with a bluesy, rootsy, feel.

Inspired by their mutual passion, they decided to form a pub band that would bring their infectious energy to audiences everywhere.

The Peg Leg Pub Band quickly gained a reputation for their lively performances, which were characterized by plenty of humour, banter, and audience participation. With a combined 548 years of musical experience between them, the band includes members who have enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame (and much more, in one case). Despite their individual achievements, however, they all share a commitment to delivering high-quality music that delights audiences of all ages.

For the Peg Leg Pub Band, music is not just a hobby; it's a way of life. They devote countless hours to perfecting their craft, always seeking to improve and innovate. And while they take their music seriously, they know how to have fun. Whether they're playing in a cozy pub or a marquee on the green, their infectious energy and playful banter always leave audiences wanting more.

With their pub band feel and infectious enthusiasm, the Peg Leg Pub Band has quickly become a favourite among music lovers throughout Cambridgeshire and beyond. Their amazing chemistry, combined with their impressive musical prowess, makes them a band to watch in the years to come.

We Are:

A group of seasoned musicians and singers, who play good-time music from the 50s, 60s and 70s (and some more modern stuff too), with our unique Peg Leg style. You will have heard everything we play, somewhere before, but maybe not the way we do it!

Toe-Tappin’ Hand-Clappin’ Finger-Snappin’ Thigh-Slappin’ Musical Fun

John Halsey - Drums and Vocals

John, has drummed with the Rutles and the Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band.

He started playing drums at a young age and joined the Bonzos in the mid-60s, lending his beats and wit to their offbeat sound.

It was his role as Barry Wom - the Rutles’ drummer, that really put John in the public eye. The Rutles, a Beatles parody group created by Monty Python’s Eric Idle, captured the hearts of fans with spot-on satire and catchy tunes.

He's also played drums for a range of other artists, from Lou Reed (on the Transformer album) to Joe Cocker, Joe Brown, Neil Innes and Vivian Stanshall.

To this day, John displays a unique style and sense of humour, earning him a devoted fanbase and a place in the annals of rock and roll history - he even has his own Wikipedia page!

The latest chapter of the story? - The Peg Leg Pub Band!

Andy Holland - Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals

As well as making a big contribution to the bands sound, Big Andy, is the bands tech wizard.

Andy’s musical claim to fame? He plays in the same band as John Halsey!

Eric Haynes - Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Vocals

A talented, multi-instrumentalist, Eric has played with many bands and has a penchant for singing funny songs, and a love of Bluegrass music.

Eric’s musical claim to fame? Eric once played in a band with (not one, but) two cousins of Satus Quo’s Rick Parfitt

John Clarke - Guitar and Vocals

John has more musical miles on the clock than most. John has a vast repertoire of songs from all eras and genres, and can play just about anything - so long as he knows what key its in!

John’s musical claim to fame? There is no song worth singing, that John doesn’t know how to play

Garry Neal - Banjo, Accordion, Bass and Vocals

Garry has played with more bands than he has had hot dinners, and, like Eric, is rather fond of Bluegrass music.

Garry’s musical claim to fame? His virtuosity with both Banjo and accordion, not to mention his resounding bass voice.

Sid Sidhom - Harmonica and Penny Whistle.

Sid is a passionate blues harmonica player, drawn deeply to blues, country, and folk music. Sid studied classical music theory and piano at the Arab Music Institute, Egypt, music harmony and counterpoint with Prof M Samuel at Helwan University and delved into jazz piano at the Russian Cultural Centre, Egypt.

Sid’s musical claim to fame?

He has performed at esteemed venues such as Cairo Opera House and All Saints Cathedral, Egypt. He has also played blues harp at weddings, Christmas parties, and birthdays, and collaborated with acomplished artists such as Larry P. Catlin, Ashraf Sewailam, Ramzi Yassa (pianist), and Sherif Mohie El Din (conductor).

Sid also played with The Wash House Band at pubs and town halls.

His evocative style blends musical proficiency and heartfelt expression, taking listeners on a soul-stirring journey through blues, country, and folk.

Ray Perkins - Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele and Kazoo

Ray has played and sang with bands, on and off, since he was at school, and has played everything from Folk to Hard Rock.

Ray has been known to bring along his beloved Stratocaster to add some subtle electric lead guitar into the mix. He is unchallenged as the band’s Kazoo King.

Ray’s musical claims to fame? He was at school with Topper Headon, (future drummer with the Clash) and he once trod on Manfred Mann’s foot.

Lucy Hall - Guitar, Bass and Vocals

With a background in choral and church music in the South of England, Lucy has decided to explore the darker side of music, on the edge of the Fens!

Lucy’s musical claim to fame? A trained singer and adept with both guitar and bass.

Chris Skilton - Guitar and Vocals

A former diplomat, Chris is the glue that keeps the band together, smoothing over those Spinal Tap moments that all bands suffer from.

As well as playing and singing, Chris is also an avid consumer of live music.

Chris’s musical claim to fame? He is a half-decent finger style guitarist and an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music.

What they say:

“When you were setting up I thought you’d be rubbish, but actually, you’re OK”

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