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It feels as if, post-COVID, members of the great British public has forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

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Live music is a great way to attract customers to your pub and boost business. It can create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere that sets your pub apart from others in the area.

One of the biggest advantages of live music is that it will attract a wider range of customers. While some may come specifically for the music, others may stumble upon your pub by chance and be drawn in by the sounds of live music. This can help to expand your customer base and attract new patrons who may not have considered your pub as a destination previously.

Another benefit of live music is that it can encourage customers to stay longer. Rather than simply coming for a quick drink, patrons may linger to enjoy the music and the atmosphere. This can lead to increased sales of food and drinks, and a higher overall spend per customer.

Additionally, live music can help to create a sense of community and loyalty among your regulars. If provide a regular schedule of live music events, you can create a sense of anticipation and excitement among your customers, who may become regulars in order to enjoy the music and the camaraderie it inspires.

In providing a platform for up-and-coming musicians, you can help to support the local music scene and establish your pub as a hub for music lovers. This can also help to build relationships with local musicians, who may recommend your pub to others and create a positive word-of-mouth reputation.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help. The Peg Leg Pub Band, is self contained, so all you need do is give us space to play and a couple of mains sockets. We can provide you with posters and help you promote the event.

So contact us now, and let’s get to work!

What will it Cost?

Our standard rate is £500 for two 60 minute sets, and, currently, we offer pubs a special discount of £50% (we know times are tough!). You pay just £250 on the night.

Call us on: 07768 145 035 or email:

Did You Know?

Many live music fans are willing to drive to watch their favourite bands. Offering some good quality, low and no alcohol beers can help draw custom from music lovers who live further away.

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